Digital Marketing for Professional Sports

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Digital Marketing for Professional Sports

Digital marketing practices vary from industry to industry. While retailers may use Twitter as a platform to display merchandise, others may use it to give their brand more personality. Companies in certain industries may have difficulties getting consumers to follow their accounts without using it as a prerequisite for a contest or giveaways. One industry that may not have that problem, however, is the professional sports industry.

Consumers have much more incentive to follow their favorite sports teams on Twitter. Many people use Twitter to get updates on the team, news about their favorite players,  or highlights from previous games. This gives sports teams a head start in digital marketing. Since many fans follow their team’s account without needing much convincing, they are much more likely to see deals and promotions that the team posts on their page. The Braves twitter, for example, posts about special fan days at the ballpark, like “Girl’s Night Out” and “Bark at the Park”. These tweets make tens of thousands of impressions due to the huge following of sports teams. Many of those impressions turn into conversions, in the form of people visiting Sun Trust Park for a game.

Competitive sports have a way of making fans feel part of something bigger than themselves. When fans are invested in their teams, they want access to news and content about their team. If a team’s Twitter account can adequately provide fans with that, then those accounts have an excellent opportunity to create macro conversions  by promoting deals along with the fan content.

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Abbey Bohn

Abbey Bohn

April 15, 2018at 11:05 pm

Twitter has been very influential in terms of giving live updates on games and being an instant flow of information. During the Super Bowl I just had Twitter open and was able to read so many cool snippets and stories aside from what the announcers were already saying.

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