Great Start for King Peach

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Great Start for King Peach

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After growing up disappointed with Atlanta sports teams year after year, I did not know what to expect when the announcement was made that Atlanta was going to have its own MLS team. After I saw the players they were signing, I was hopeful but still cautious. However, Atlanta United had a stellar debut season, and even though they had a disappointing loss in the playoffs, I was still proud to call them my team.

This season Atlanta United has come out firing. They are currently in second place in the league and have scored more goals than any other team. Josef Martinez, Atlanta United’s striker, has scored 24 goals in his last 25 games, which is an MLS record. Although its only five games into the season, this is a start to a season that fans can rally behind. Luckily for Atlanta United, their fans are doing their part as well. Earlier this season when they played against D.C. United, Atlanta United broke the MLS single game after selling 72,035 tickets at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Although fans are excited because the team is performing well on the field, I think the massive level of support the team has is also a result of the marketing team. From the start, they have created a sense of community in Atlanta backing the new MLS team. Before they had even signed all their players, they were hosting events within the Atlanta community. Throughout the last two seasons, Atlanta United has been very active on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. They even had 2 Chainz help them unveil their new uniforms. They have been able to create a loyal fan base in only a year despite the fact that soccer is not as widely popular in the United States.

If you have never been to an Atlanta United game, especially at the new stadium, I highly recommend you go. Even if you do not like soccer, you will appreciate the atmosphere of the fans and appreciate what Atlanta United has created.

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