Instagram stories – a whole new ball game

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Instagram stories – a whole new ball game

Instagram is rolling out a whole new set of features for their stories in particular. The new update includes story integration with popular apps Spotify and Go Pro. Instagram stories have become increasingly popular among users, making this a step in the right direction for Instagram.

With the Spotify integration, users can add stickers of their favorite albums and share what they are listening to. In addition, you can directly link the album on Spotify to Instagram story.

This partnership with Spotify is huge for Instagram, and makes it easier for businesses, individuals, and artists to market their music to their followers.

As for GoPro, users can now directly upload their content from the GoPro app to their Instagram story. This makes the process of uploading GoPro content easier, therefore encouraging more users to utilize the Instagram Story feature.

Integrations between these 3 apps shows how social media is growing stronger with age. Instagram has done an excellent job of evaluating what their customers are using and implementing new features to keep them engaged and coming back for more.


Kelly Hogan

Kelly Hogan

August 19, 2018at 10:02 pm

I never new Instagram partnered with GoPro and Spotify. Glad I know now because of your article!

Luke Miltner

Luke Miltner

August 20, 2018at 3:58 pm

I also think that Instagram stories are crucial moving forward because of the sheer number of views they are bound to get. To compare apps that utilize “stories”, Instagram is far less personal than snapchat, the other infamous social media with popular stories. This means that most users likely have many more followers on instagram than they might on snapchat, which would translate to a significantly higher number of views even if its the same exact picture/post.
That being said, Instagram is also an easier app to spend time on. As for me and friends that I know, it is all too easy to browse and waste plenty of time scrolling around. I think that this idea spotify and go pro have utilized is fantastic and more companies should look into it.

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