Jail Time for Fake Trip Advisor Reviews….

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Jail Time for Fake Trip Advisor Reviews….

As I was scrolling through Linkedin an article appeared that read, “Man jailed for writing fake Trip Advisor reviews”. This quickly got my attention and I proceeded to read the article. It turns out this unnamed man had been selling fake positive reviews to over 1,000 businesses. By writing as the article describes as “glowing” reviews of the businesses, their online ratings, which were seen by millions, were improved. This man was placed in jail for 9 months AND had to pay a $10,000 fine. Additionally, the businesses you bought the reviews were fined.

This article really got me thinking about digital marketing and how nowadays consumers have so much power online. The first thing that customers look at in many instances is the reviews of a business because it is all so accessible! One person can really help or hurt a business’ reputation…And how interesting is it that governments are putting people in JAIL for people trying to do so (albeit illegally).  Do you think jail time is an appropriate punishment for fake reviews?


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