Movie Review: The Internship

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Movie Review: The Internship

I chose to watch and review The Internship. I heard a lot about this movie and thought it would be a very worthwhile watch. Seeing the two main characters Billy and Nick (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) work their way through adversity while being humorous and likeable was inspiring.


Billy and Nick lose their sales jobs after their company goes out of business. Instead of looking for regular jobs, Billy applied for then to be interns at Google. Low and behold they get the internship roles, despite being like the usual college student candidate. They must work in a group with other interns, and of course their ill fate lead them to an under glorified group of interns. To secure jobs at Google their team must win. Though their group seemed to be outcasts, they overcame their struggles and ultimately secured jobs at Google.


Billy and Nick were thought of as useless old people in such a tech driven company. This is what was most fascinating in my opinion. They fought against their judgements and ultimately flourished, bringing their team members with them.


The story is very relevant to today’s culture and the divide between internet natives and adults that saw the internet come to be. I very much enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it.  Ri

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