Movie Review: The Social Network

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Movie Review: The Social Network

The Social Network does a great job illustrating the immediate potential business applications of a tool such as social media. The movie primarily chronicles the story of close friends Mark Zuckerburg and Eduardo Saverin as they set out to create a one of a kind social networking site for their fellow students at Harvard University. The plot is driven by a continuously growing rift between Zuckerburg and each of the other characters for various reasons. Much of the drama comes from disagreements over the ownership of the conceptual rights to Facebook. This ownership dispute initially starts between Zuckerburg and a another group of Harvard students who accuse him of stealing their intellectual property after attempting to contract Zuckerburg as a developer for their website. However, a dispute over ownership begins to emerge between Zuckerburg and Saverin during the mid to late stages of the plot. Interestingly, this dispute is partially a result of Zuckerburg’s resistance to Saverin’s attempts to make a profit from the new website by using it as a medium for advertising. The bulk of the movie is centered around the legal proceedings and seen as a reflection of these past events. The intense legal struggle in this movie shows just how valuable this concept truly was from the early stages of introduction to present time.

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