The Social Network

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The Social Network


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with over 2 billion users. This magnificent social network was created by the youngest billionaire (before the infamous Kylie Jenner)  Mark Zuckerberg. The renowned genius and computer programming genius is played by Jesse Eisenberg for the movie.

The plot begins with Mark getting dumped by his girlfriend Erica Albright and he becomes infuriated. He takes his anger out by writing on his blog about her and transforming this idea into creating a content website to review local woman on campus by their looks. Quickly the idea spreads like wildfire and he realizes the power of social networks. With the quick attention two Harvard brothers, Winklelovess, to recruit Zuckerberg for their new idea “TheFacebook”. Zuckerberg quickly realizes the potential and begins running with the company with a new friend Eduardo Severin.

Facebook quickly gains popularity and Zuckerberg becomes business partners with the created of Napster, Sean Parker. They hit it off and begin globalizing Facebook as rapidly as they can, creating what we now know as Facebook.

As many companies face, especially ones that were cheated, Zuckerberg goes through two trails of lawsuits from the Winklelovess twins and Eduardo who are both suing him for extremely large amounts of money. WInkelovess twins earned $65 million, which truly isn’t much compared to the billions Mark Zuckerberg has earned and Eduardo got an undisclosed amount, most likely a very considerable fortune. 

The movie was truly a very well displayed insight scoop of how the world now has and it showed the ingenuity as well as the determination with no remorse that Mark Zuckerberg had to turn this idea into an empire.

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