“You’ve Got Mail” Movie Review

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“You’ve Got Mail” Movie Review

The first film I chose to watch in this series of movie reviews is “You’ve Got Mail” starring Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, and Tom Hanks, who plays Joe Fox. I decided to watch this movie because when I read the quick review, I realized it was a romance, and who doesn’t love a good romance movie every now and then? I also love Tom Hanks as an actor, and I was excited to see he was one of the main roles in this movie.

To begin, I want to give a brief summary of the movie. Kathleen owns a children’s bookstore called “The Shop Around the Corner” while Joe is an executive in his father’s business called “Fox & Sons”, a bookstore chain that is opening up large book-superstores with low prices. Joe’s superstores are known to shut down other small and local bookstores. Kathleen and Joe unknowingly begin an online romance where they chat with each other through email, but they don’t actually know who each other is in real life. Each makes sure to always keep their conversations anonymous so that neither knows who the person in front of the computer is. In a turn of events, Joe finds out that “Shopgirl,” or Kathleen, is actually his business rival. Because of the superstore, Kathleen eventually shuts her bookstore down and Joe quits working to live on his boat. Eventually Joe comes to realize that Kathleen may actually be his true love, so he tries to win her over without letting her know that he is “NY152.” Kathleen decides she does want to meet her online companion in person and she is pleased when “NY152” is Joe.

I loved watching this movie because it was such a sweet and innocent romance that was easy to watch. It was interesting to see how much things have changed just in the past few decades with technology. At the beginning of the movie, when the computers were turned on, a loud shrieking sound would play, which is how it actually used to happen. Also, the computers only had a few features including email. Since then, computers make a glorious sound when they are turned on and they have hundreds of features that are accessible. The movie reminded me of the time when email chats were popular to communicate with friends. Also, it has shown me how much technology has grown just since I have been alive.

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