James Charles Make-Up Guru

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James Charles Make-Up Guru

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James Charles has an astonishing 8,162,197 subscribers on YouTube and a whopping total of 633,680,707 views on his videos. James is known for being an incredible makeup guru who posts videos showing a wide variety of things. He does anything from make-up tutorials, to make-up reviews, to even shopping sprees with his friends. He earned his fame from the social media site YouTube. Originally, he started out as a hairdresser, he had a few clients from his hometown but felt constricted creatively. Around Halloween 2015, he posted himself in full makeup and this generated an overwhelming response from fans. He generated over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 147,000 subscribers on YouTube. James was the first ever male spokesmodel for Covergirl.  He told Cosmopolitan that “I was shook and didn’t believe it at first, [but] when I found out it was a real opportunity, I literally screamed and then cried, I was so excited.”

James is 19 years old and already generating an income of around 289.5K solely from YouTube. He is now breaking into fashion with his own clothing line, Sisters Apparel. He is a major influence on social media, if you were to pull up his Instagram, it would be obvious that he is talented. It is mind blowing that this talented make-up artist got his rise to fame through social media and generating a fan base.

James discovered his passion for make-up through an accidental situation. James was working on a client’s hair when they were late for a makeup appointment, so the client asked him to do her make-up. It ended up looking really good, so he started to practice on clients more often. He posted his first video, Blue/Brown Serpent Makeup Tutorial on March 3, 2016 and from there he has become a beauty guru in the make-up world.


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