Dan + Shay + All Their Fans

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Dan + Shay + All Their Fans

Question: how many of you have ever been to a meet-and-greet with your favorite band or artist? Or maybe you’re the fan that has waited in line at the merch table for way longer than you would like to admit to snag a picture with the lead singer- or better yet for my fellow ladies, the drummer! I’m sure almost everyone who has experienced this can admit they immediately went and posted said picture to ALL of their social platforms despite how blurry and rushed it may have looked.

But what if instead of you posting a picture with your favorite band, your favorite band posted a picture with you?! For hundreds of Dan + Shay fans, this meet-and-greet dream is now a reality. On each meet-and-greet during their September tour, country duo Dan + Shay has not only taken it upon themselves to take pictures with each fan but to share every photo through their Facebook page in individual albums dedicated to each show.

However, what caught my attention about this was not how rare it is that the artists would choose to post these pictures on their own sites, although this is true. Instead, being the marketing major that I am, I immediately began to consider the impact this simple gesture has on their fan base and how it might even benefit Dan + Shay in reaching a larger audience.

Below are three reasons this one act can have a tangible impact on marketing for this band:

  1. Fan engagement: When the fans find their picture with Dan + Shay on social media, there is a high probability that they will “like” these photos as well as instantly hit “share”, due to how easy and quick these actions are. If these fans are passionate enough about this band to purchase the meet-and-greet package, they will also very likely want to show off this experience to their friends. This potentially also increases brand loyalty (or shall we say BAND loyalty) from the listeners by making them feel valued and appreciated by Dan + Shay causing deeper affection for the band.
  2. Immediate new audience reach: By sharing their meet-and-greet photo to their friends on social media, Dan + Shay’s fans are helping to get their name in front of new potential listeners, or “consumers”, that may not follow to band already.
  3. Sharing of social media pages: If a fan posts a picture on their own profiles with the band, there is no guarantee they will “tag” or “mention” the band. However, if they “share” or “like” a picture that the band has already posted, all of the links to Dan + Shay’s pages will travel with this action. The fans friends will have immediate access to these links through which they can dig deeper and discover who this new band is. There is a higher probability they will scan these pages when they don’t have to go search and find the band’s pages on their own.

So while it is indeed simple and subtle, this move is also strategic. With extremely low cost, Dan + Shay has the potential to not only increase the loyalty of their fans but also boost their social media presence, expand their audience reach, and hopefully gan some new fans in the process!

Now please excuse me while I go listen to “Alone Together” a few hundred times…

*If you’re curious, I have attached the link to one of these meet-and-greet albums here for you to scroll through!

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Alyssa Douglas

alyssa douglas

September 17, 2018at 10:28 am

I found this article really interesting. I have seen other artists posts albums on facebook but I never thought of the benefits to it. It is a really great way to increase engagement, and reach without trying to hard. Great post.

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