Behind the Scenes at Condor Chocolates

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Behind the Scenes at Condor Chocolates

Condor Chocolates is cafe and factory located in the 5 Points neighborhood of Athens, GA. The local chocolatier and is a hidden gem, but with a significant social following, it is no secret to the locals.

Condor Chocolates’ Instagram differs from the traditional restaurant/cafe social media in that it does not solely post pictures of it’s food. Don’t get me wrong – a photo of a homemade chocolate milkshake or caramel truffle is always eye-catching on a news feed, but Condor has found a way to go beyond this typical post. Every week, Condor posts behind the scenes photos. Anything from chocolate being poured into molds to cacao beans being sorted, along with an explanation of how this is done, is speckled throughout Condor’s Instagram page.

Condor has caught onto the phenomenon that everybody likes to go behind the scenes. It’s why celebrities post videos of their day in a recording studio and athletes give followers a glimpse into their typical workout routines. People love to know the “how” about the things they enjoy.

For Condor Chocolates, showing its fans the chocolate-making process achieves multiple goals. It adds a level of transparency to the company, as customers get to see exactly how the products they eat are made, along with the various employees who are making it. Further, these customers feel more connected to the process and Condor itself as a result of seeing such posts. It spikes people’s curiosity, and those who have not tried Condor’s products but have stumbled across its social media are much more inclined to stop in and find out if the chocolate they taste lives up to the tantalizing images they see on their feeds.

Condor Chocolates has found a unique way to add a personal feel to its social media branding. If you haven’t been before, I strongly suggest dropping in on a free afternoon to grab a truffle, gelato, or other confectionary treat the store offers. After seeing the steps of making the chocolate on social media, it will only be more fun to finally give it a try. And as for my two-cents, the sea salt brownie is definitely one of the most stellar products on the menu 🙂

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Janie Waddell

Janie Waddell

Janie Waddell is a senior Marketing major at the University of Georgia. Born and raised in Georgia, Waddell is also a country artist/songwriter, skilled baker, and dessert fanatic.

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Catie Evans

catie evans

September 18, 2018at 12:57 pm

Before reading this I have not heard of this business. I just went to check out their social media accounts and I have to say that I am definitely much more interested to come and check it out. The visual appeal and insight into the process that the company offers on their social accounts is very well done. That is why social media presence is such an influential tool in bringing in new customers for a business. It allows a platform to express who the company is and the quality of their products in a way that can be SEEN by potential consumers.

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