Changing the Chamber- Week Three

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Changing the Chamber- Week Three

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I have been describing my experience working as the new Social Media Coordinator for the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce and my plans to improve their Digital Marketing. This past week I continued to develop our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I also got the chance to meet with one of our member organizations, Athens Technological College, to learn about a phenomenal 6 week program they have to help unemployed people gain the skills they need to get a job with a livable wage. Athens Technical College is not very proficient with social media and wanted help promoting their program, so I met with them to learn more in order to be able to post about the program on our Athens Area Chamber of Commerce pages, particularly Facebook. This helped me learn a lot about communicating professionally over email, as I set up the meeting with them and contacted them after to follow up and ask for some materials mentioned during the meeting. I learned a lot from this meeting and was excited to help them promote their event through our Digital Marketing tactics.

I have focused most of my time to our Instagram page because I am most proficient with Instagram, like how creative it allows me to be, and have noticed the most progress with it. In the past two weeks that I have been working for the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, we have already have 4% growth in our Instagram followers. We have gained 40 new followers, mostly in the last week and I have plans to gain more followers in the coming weeks. Currently, I have been going through our business directory to ensure that we are following all of our members that are active on Instagram. I was surprised to find that there were some we were not following. My hope is that these members that we have not been following and are also not following us back will follow us now and help us increase our followers even more, and that all of our members will feel supported by being followed by us. This week on Instagram, I also posted for the opening of a new restaurant Frutta Bowls on our feed and on our story. I also posted another Game Day story and a Monday Motivation story with the UGA Chapel Bell Tower (both pictured below), which I think tie back into our fun, community oriented approach. I also posted a story about an event that one of our partner organizations is hosting this week, which shows that we support them and what they are doing. I also updated our highlights so that each category was up to date and got rid of anything that was irrelevant or poor quality to ensure that our page was professional and aesthetically pleasing to anyone that views it. I have also continued to engage with our followers by liking and commenting on their pictures. I think all of what I have done this week has helped to improve our Instagram and contributed to more people following us, and I am excited to continue improving it. We are still focusing on making our Instagram more fun and enjoyable to our followers and anyone potentially considering joining the chamber.


I have spent more time on Facebook this week, and have started to post more content. I posted about some events that our partner organizations are having this week to show our support for them and spread the word so that hopefully more people will attend their events. I also posted on Facebook for Athens Technical College and their program that I mentioned earlier. I posted once last week describing what the program was and included attachments of the information sheets and application they provided me with. This week, I posted a video that they sent me with one of the participants explaining how beneficial the program was to him, and I plan to post another video they sent me later this week. I hope the more I post about it, the more people will see it, but I do not want to be obnoxious and post the exact same thing. I think posting about this program on Facebook in different ways will help our followers be more receptacle to it, and hopefully spread the word. Posting about Athens Technical College’s program is in accordance with my Facebook goals from my last blog post which were to post relevant articles and videos and share posts from our members and that support our community. I think it is important to show how we support our members in communities on social media by actually helping them spread the word about what is important to them, not only giving them a shoutout. I plan to continue doing more supportive posts like this on Facebook.

I also spent some more time on LinkedIn this week. I posted about our upcoming event, and hope to use this page for more business and networking opportunity posts. I need to increase the followers on LinkedIn page, and I hope to do that by promoting the page in some way to members and encouraging them to follow it. I also posted about the University of Georgia becoming the #13 Best Public University, which I had previously posted on Instagram and Facebook. I think this is relevant to our LinkedIn page because it celebrates the success of one of our members. For our LinkedIn page I referred to UGA as one of our members, but did not in my other posts because I want LinkedIn to be more business focused and the other pages to be more community focused.

I am excited to keep working on the Chamber’s social media platforms and improving them. I am still getting started, but each week I learn more and come up with more ideas for how I want each platform to be shaped and the kind of messages I want them to deliver. Improving our social media platforms will directly help improve our Digital Marketing, which will also hopefully ultimately lead to greater success for the Chamber by increasing support and membership.

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