Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen, Denmark

This was the city where I took my last weekend excursion while I had been studying abroad. I went in the middle of April. It had felt like a winter in our Northeast, not that I have experienced one yet… but I imagine it to be on the same par. Even with the cold, I am still nostalgic. There is a whole lot more to the city than its pretty pastel-colored buildings that reflect on the waters. I think the Danish people live in the future. So take the concept of BIRDS… but in Copenhagen, you can “check out” a car for however many minutes and park in places throughout the city. All done through an application. Then, some of the nightlife venues require that you “check in” (not literally, like Foursquare) for security purposes. In the event that something happens, then the venue can match the video cameras to the profile of the person. Christiania is really edgy, alternative, controversial town that stands out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of the Danish community. It is a self-governing town that was rumored to be “beyond the reach of Danish law” by its founders, and has its own currency, Løn. The town has had so many run-ins with the law and they are all so interesting. The Little Mermaid is not only a film, but it is also a statue too. Lastly, I think it was also interesting that their college admissions process works differently because you apply to where you want to go based on your major. Once you get in, you go straight into your major classes. Also, college is free there.

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