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For about two weeks or so, I have come across the same advertisement at least two times a day, every single day.  As I scroll down my Instagram feed, a sponsored ad for Chick-fil-a appears around the same time early evening; a moving picture showing a cookies and cream milkshake being created.  The point of view makes it appear as though I am looking down into the cup from above, watching the savory drink turn over itself in a rhythmic motion.  Essentially, I find myself encountering food porn every night.

For a self-proclaimed “foodie” food adoring social media user like myself, this kind of advertising works wonders.  At the same time, I notice myself going from full from dinner to starving for a milkshake and a chicken sandwich the minute I view the video.  Lucky considering that having studied marketing for so long, I immediately realize what the video is trying to entice me towards and I become hyper aware, but at the same time a large part of me still considers driving over and consuming a second dinner at the nearest Chick-fil-a I can find.  Or the furthest, it is a strong need that comes over me in a wave and I am unsure if distance could really deter me.

I appreciate, from a marketing standpoint, the initiative to present food in an almost provocative way as to draw in consumers, but likewise feel a strong send of distaste towards the concept that brands are not targeting my mind and thought process, but using my mind to target my stomach and lack of self control when it comes to food, “At some level, it is almost as if our brains can’t distinguish between images of food and real meals. We therefore need to expend some mental resources, silly though it may sound, to resist all of these virtual temptations.”  To me I almost become hyper aware of how little power I have over food and it brings up feelings of disappointment and embarrassment.  Regardless, it may be one of the most effective advertisements I have ever come across, I am breaking down a little bit daily, and odds are that my next post will be about how this ad broke me down and drove me to spend money that I cannot afford to spend at Chick-fil-a.

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