I’m Angry at Apple for the New Iphone Update- Here’s Why

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I’m Angry at Apple for the New Iphone Update- Here’s Why


As I am sure you all know, Apple released their annual keynote announcement and phone updates this week. while many may be excited at the prospect of the XS and Xr, I am dismayed. I currently own the IPhone SE, a model with the specs of the 6S and the size of the IPhone 5. it fits my Hands perfectly As a petite woman, the IPhone 6 (FORGET the 6 plus) Is way too mig for my hands. I had the 6 for two weeks and developed RSI 9repetitive strain injury). This week, Apple discontinued the beloved  (and popular sales wise0 SE in favor of these bigger phones. Why? plain and simple.. its profitable. bigger phones mean more use time.  This doesn’t change the fact, however, that it is sexist. I am not the only one with this very real problem/ Many women have come forward since the update confirming that they too have too small of hands for the current iPhones. Its a health hazard; the AVERAGE female hand and child hand simply does not fit around the iPhone 6, much less the 6 plus. You might think I am being dramatic, but a mobile phone is now such an integral part of our every day lives that this has huge effects on me/ hen my SE stops receiving IOS updates, I will have two equally bad choices: get the IPhone 6 and probably develop RSI/not be able to ever use it one handed or get the android, lose Imessage, and become isolated from my peers. I hope Apple fixes their mistake and come out with a reasonable sized iPhone option for women and children soon. that’s all I have to say.

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