Jaden Smith: The Pursuit of Water Bottle Alternatives

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Jaden Smith: The Pursuit of Water Bottle Alternatives

With the variety of recent pushes for friendliness towards the environment, bottled water has been shamed and has given way to a rise in healthier alternatives. One of these new products from a group of new businesses that I have been calling “The Underdogs” is called “Just Water.”

Picture your favorite chocolate milk carton from the elementary school cafeteria, but it has grown up and gotten taller, and now it is full of water instead of chocolate-y childhood memories. Upon first glance, I’m a sceptic. Milk comes in cartons, but water?

Nevertheless, it has become a trendy movement not only ecologically but also for those who just dare to be different. It helps that the product was created and endorsed by Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith. It’s hard not to get behind the smiling Smith family, and it’s also hard to say no to a product that supports the local economy and environment.

I will say that Just Water is a happy medium between the bottled water we are used to and an extreme on the market now called Boxed Water that looks identical to a child’s milk carton. As I look for earth-friendly water solutions, Just Water seems to be something I can get used to.

I mean, how can you say no to Will Smith?

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Erica Vinson

September 18, 2018at 11:30 am

I really enjoyed your analysis of how the “box water” phenomenon is motivated by the design but also by the endorsement and marketing done by Will Smith, Jaden Smith, and the entire Smith family which has an overall positive reputation. This combined with the overall positive ecological impact that drinking water out of a carton has is a key to success to many markets.

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