Phone Eats First: How Heirloom Cafe Markets Themselves Via Social Media

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Phone Eats First: How Heirloom Cafe Markets Themselves Via Social Media

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The owner of Heirloom Cafe & Fresh Market describes the restaurant as “a farm to table” establishment that serves high quality ingredients sourced from local producers, farmers, and artisans in a warm, welcoming, and at-home environment. A quick browse at their Instagram really does give off this vibe as it provides the perfect mix of content that focuses not only on the food they provide but also the community events that they attend and host themselves.

As I scroll through Heirloom’s Instagram feed, the first thing I notice is that when they post a photo of a dish they serve, they tell us not only what is in the dish but also where they actually got those ingredients. You can see in the photo below a perfect example of Heirloom showcasing a beautiful plate of food that they have created that’s all sourced from local Athens vendors.

On another note, I really appreciate how Heirloom has made their Instagram page a bit more personal than other restaurants. Heirloom is a family owned restaurant so it’s nice to see pictures every once in a while that really tie in with the family like atmosphere that customers feel when they go there to grab a bite to eat. The posts seen below make followers feel like they really know the people behind the camera. After all, who doesn’t want to be friends with the bartenders, servers, and chefs at a restaurant?

Now for one of the more important aspects of restaurants Instagram pages: their spread among social media users. Heirloom has a decent follower base with just over 3,600 followers but could potentially gain more followers by following more people (currently Heirloom is only following 570 different accounts). When comparing this to previous blog posts I’ve made, it’s obvious that Heirloom doesn’t have the same reach as Five Bar but they are doing better than Grindhouse Burgers. They seem to have an average of about 70 likes per post but the majority of their posts don’t receive any comments. Interestingly enough, though, I noticed that the posts which receive the most likes and comments aren’t actually pictures of food, but are pictures of the restaurant itself – mostly involving renovations that were made to better the aesthetic of the restaurant. The surprises me considering the fact that Heirloom has some pretty delicious looking dishes.

In the end, it’s obvious that Heirloom is marketing themselves appropriately via Instagram because the posts on their page closely align with the overall atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant. The only thing they need to improve upon is increasing the number of users that follow them and like/comment on their posts because this is such an easy way to increase consumer awareness of the cafe.

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