Phones at Concerts/Festivals: Experience Ruiner?

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Phones at Concerts/Festivals: Experience Ruiner?

To fellow concert and festival goers, it should be no suprise that phone usage, specifically taking photos and videos, at concerts/festivals is a pretty common thing to do. To some these events are one and a life time thing and for others it’s just an event that they like to submerse themselves for hours without technology. Either way, the presence and role of social media and technology (phones) at music events has grown tremendously over the past decade!

Me, personally, at the concerts and festivals I attended in the past, it was nothing suprising to see people taking photos and videos and posting them to their social media accounts. For me, I don’t really take photos or videos the entire time at a music event but at the same time I don’t judge others if they choose to do so the entire time. After I take my photos, then I choose to reimerse myself in the concert culture like jumping or going inside a moshpit. Everyone is there for a good time and people should be allowed to take as many photos or videos as they want; this is a fun experience for everyone and something no one clearly wants to forget. But for others, which is also understandable, this “trend” just ruins the experience for them; doesn’t matter what genre of music, artists, venue, or amount of people, just seeing a crowd of people having their phones in the air can be irritating.  

It should also be considered that some artists have openly outspoken on this hot topic debate on whether phone usage during the actual concert while others have been indifferent about it and don’t care as much about it. Either way, this could be looked as a positive for these artists who perform onstage, especially at bigger festivals such as Music Midtown that occured this past weekend, with thousands of people recording them and posting to their social media stories, wouldn’t this be considered to be a great way to gain new followers and market themselves without having to do much? But to each their own on this debate, I personally don’t have any problems with it because concert experiences are going to differ for everyone. What are your thoughts on this?

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Katie Ryan

Katie Ryan

September 18, 2018at 10:13 am

For me, I do not have a problem with people taking photos or videos at a concert. People paid a lot of money to attend those shows, so why not be able to have memories to look back on. However, I believe it is a different story if a person tries to video the entirety of the show. At that point, why doesn’t the person just stay home and watch videos on Youtube because the person is not fully enjoying the act that is right in front of them.

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