Podcasts In, Music Out

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Podcasts In, Music Out

In our society, things move so fast that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with trends, the news, and important information. I feel as though this is the reason I’ve started listening to podcasts this year. I used to think podcasts were boring talk shows about the stock market or ancient stories that my dad would enjoy listening to. However, I’ve recently learned that they are a great source of entertainment, information, and advice.

When I’m passed an earbud, I’m now wondering if it will be music or a podcast. Advertisers have started to catch on that more than a third of Americans listen to podcasts. Now, I’ll be listening to my favorite show and hear at least two or three advertisements throughout the episode. These aren’t like commercials on the radio; the promotions come directly from the podcaster and they usually offer an incentive to try the product or brand (coupons, discounts, etc.). Because we, as listeners, trust our favorite podcasters for information and advice, it is more likely we will buy the product. The process is very similar to word-of-mouth advertising or listening to a friend’s review of a brand.

I love my podcasts and trust the information I hear from them. I haven’t bought any of the advertised products yet, but maybe one day I’ll be inspired! If you haven’t tried listening to podcasts yet, I highly recommend. Some of my favorites are “My Favorite Murder”, “Anna Faris is Unqualified”, and “Stuff You Should Know”.

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Ryan Read

Ryan Read

September 18, 2018at 2:28 am

In the 90s the trend was “let’s start a band”. In the 2000s to early 2010s the trend was “let’s start a YouTube Channel”. Now the trend is “let’s start a podcast”. All jokes aside, I do think that Podcasts are a very interesting medium for promoting products. I agree that people are diehard fans of the Podcasts they listen to and they almost feel like they are friends with the Podcasters. Because Podcasts have such loyal fanbases (more loyal than many musicians or YouTubers), I believe using the platform to market or promote a product would have a greater reach and better conversion rate. You pretty much hit the nail-on-the-head.

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