Social Media and the Job Search

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Social Media and the Job Search

Growing up with various platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat I was always told to show the best parts of my life and shine myself in a good light. Obviously this is what most people do on social media. However, as I have gotten older and approach the “real world” in a few short months, the idea of using these platforms to build my personal brand has been put on me constantly. Social media is supposed to showcase you as a person and I think it can be a great way for future employers to dig a little deeper and know about someone.

This summer at my internship the hiring managers gave a seminar on what they look for in candidates. One of the most surprising things I found out was that they look at the social handles of all prospective employees prior to an interview. Think about that. People are making decisions about you based on your resume and social platforms! They went on to say that especially in creative type jobs if they were unable to find the prospective candidate, they were more likely to not move them forward in the process. Finally, they mentioned having a website or blog to showcase your projects, interests and skills was valuable. I hope everyone finds this helpful as they go out into the professional world!

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Alex Krause

Alex Krause

September 18, 2018at 2:27 pm

Interesting insight, Caroline. I had always heard that “you better not post anything embarrassing on social media because employers will look you up before they hire you,” but I never considered how social media could and should be used to build my personal brand. In the coming weeks I’ll look into creating a personal site /blog to show off past creative work I’ve completed in internships.

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