The Myth Behind Excessive Cardio Workouts- Blog #5

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The Myth Behind Excessive Cardio Workouts- Blog #5

Who goes to the gym and spends hour after hour on the treadmill running, walking, or jogging away at those excessive weekend calories? This is the myth and the untold truth behind cardio. Although cardio is most certainly needed in one’s fitness plan, it is not the only way and most effective way to tone up, burn fat, and lose weight.

Kelsey Wells extends the Kayla Itsines BBG program into her own weight training program called PWR. Her program focuses on less cardio and more full body weighted workouts. She strives to push girls to continue to lift heavy and stay strong. After finding this new program, I became skeptical of such heavy and oh-so scary weights. After reading more and more into weight training, I began to find that although many girls think that weights will make you big and manly, that is in fact not true.

I spent some time stalking Kelsey’s Instagram account where she had post after post of her perfectly toned body. Some feedback was super positive while other comments criticized her muscle definition saying that she was bulky. In fact, in my opinion she actually looked much thinner and fit seen in her before (excessive cardio only) and after photos where she changed her workout routine to implement heavy weights.

Who would of ever thought, right? Weights actually are proven to burn more fat and keep your body in a state of shock long after the workout is complete. Also, no need to waste precious time at the gym for hours. Just a thirty-minute weight training workout three to four days per week is all you need. Mix that in with some cardio like walking or jogging 1-2 times per week and you will see a drastic change in your body.

Time to pick up those weights and watch your body transform. Check out Kelsey Wells on Instagram to get motivated and start your PWR Program today!


Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller

September 20, 2018at 3:31 pm

I learned this a couple years ago. Cardio is a good fat burner but it slims your stomach. I think it is more important to lift weights and add a little bit of cardio into your workout. This doesn’t have to be everyday you workout either. Lifting weights is the way to go!

Ansley Roley

Ansley Roley

September 24, 2018at 9:14 pm

I grew up playing soccer, so cardio was always a necessity and endurance was stressed. However, I started incorporating more weight training into all my workouts (post glory soccer days) and saw a great difference. I got into the habit of running for 30 minutes and then moving into a weight centered workout, but my body would be dead before I could even finish my second set. It’s all about a good balance, and I definitely agree this is the way to go.

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