Facebook Dating?

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Facebook Dating?

Facebook knows more about people than any other platform and they are using this to boost their new “Facebook Dating” application. They know about your friends, old friends and new friends, they know your interests and who you are related too. Truthfully Facebook knows more about our interactions than some people know about themselves. Using this information- Facebook just announced that they have launched a new dating feature nationwide in Columbia and people are taking full advantage of it.

This is their first large scale test and they hope to find long-term relationships, nothing like Tinder “hook-ups”. This new feature was announced last May and it sent Match.com and Tinder’s stock down 20% and for good reason. Anything that Facebook is going to launch is going to have a major effect on existing companies in that tech space.

The app is set up very user friendly and incognito. The tool will be attached to your Facebook profile, but will not be directly linked with your Facebook friends, so they will not know you are using the app. To sign up you must make a profile, choose a profile picture and answer twenty questions to provide better insight on what the individual is looking for in another partner.

Many are questioning Facebook and asking if they really need even more insight on individuals than they already have. There has been skepticism in the media recently that Facebook has too much information on humans and that they may even be “spying” and “listening” through microphones to gain information on clients to direct ads and increase revenue.

Will Facebook’s new dating app be the answer to America’s plus 50% divorce rate or will it just create more controversy in the privacy concern of humans world wide.


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Rachel VanOrder

Rachel VanOrder

September 24, 2018at 3:01 pm

This is honestly an extremely smart, but terrifying move from Facebook. Yes, they already have so much of our information, but allowing them even more into our personal lives? Yikes! I’m interested to see if this ends up being a successful endeavor for Facebook or if it will just crash and burn into the background of all the other dating applications already out there. I guess we will find out soon enough!

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