Gluten-Free, Near Me!

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Gluten-Free, Near Me!

This day in age, it seems as though millennials are obsessed with their diets. But not even because they want to lose a bunch of weight or to become an insane body builder, but because it’s “in style” to be healthy. Countless diets are sweeping across social media from Vegan, to Whole 30, to Paleo, to KETO and even more. “Foodstagramers” are always posting their weekly meal preps or healthy 3-ingredient recipe they saw in a Tasty video. However, behind the scenes, there are people out there that face serious health conditions caused by food allergies, in which their diet is changed for the rest of their lives not just for social media.

Many people are being diagnosed with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, dairy allergies and lactose intolerance daily. If these people are exposed to their allergen is can cause serious and uncomfortable issues such as indigestion, bloating, cramping, inflammation, rashes, brain fog, and anxiety to name a few. So for them, these new trendy diets are not just for posting on social media, but to strictly follow so they don’t experience any of the repercussions.

Now, to lighten up this blog post and get to my main point, since food allergies have become so prevalent recently, there has been many changes to social media and even society as a whole to accommodate these diets. Many restaurants and bakeries offer a gluten-free or allergen friendly menu with several options for people. Restaurants in Athens such as Grindhouse, Ted’s Most Best, and Mellow Mushroom have even invested in getting gluten-free buns, pasta, and pizza crusts to help those who need it. And since restaurants are changing their ways, some apps have been created to help a gluten-free person find places they can dine at. An app called “Gluten Free Near Me” uses your locations to generate all the locations nearby with gluten-free options, and even tells you what those options are. Along with that, since all of these diets are becoming increasingly popular, even if you don’t have an allergy, it is very easy to look on Pinterest or on Instagram and find hundreds of different recipes that cater to your allergy. You can even find recipes for your most favorite dishes, with gluten-free or dairy-free substitutes!

Even though it seems as if many people are following certain diets to seem hip and trendy, some people face serious health problems and actually need to follow these diets. As a result, social media has really made the lives of those with food allergies better by allowing meal alternatives and helping them find restaurants to eat at.

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Keagan Ross

Keagan Ross

September 24, 2018at 10:26 pm

I think it’s interesting how people are becoming more and more concerned about what is in our food and what we consume. I believe this has grown more popular as more restaurants and food companies are advertising their exclusion of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. This has had a positive affect for those with dietary concerns, and I think the trend is overall beneficial!

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