Up and Vanished – New Season, New Case

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Up and Vanished – New Season, New Case

The second season of the podcast Up and Vanished recently came out and it deserves some attention. This new case follows the disappearance of a 29-year-old woman Kristal Reisinger. The beauty of this story begins with how Payne Lindsey, the investigative podcast’s host, explains why he wants to tell this specific story. He mentions first that the town of Crestone, Colorado, with only a population of around 150, cannot get the media attention or policing force it needs to solve this case. And second, that Kristal, a beautiful spiritual woman, covered in tattoos and piercings, was not the typical relatable victim the media covers.

I am on episode 5 of this podcast, and it is doing an amazing job of unraveling the case and painting Kristal’s life in such a colorful way. Beyond sharing the adventurous and spiritual life Kristal had, this podcast uses the unique connections in this small town to figure out what really happened there. Payne Lindsey is a true storyteller, and this story definitely deserves to be heard. Next time you’re on a drive or taking a long walk, give it a listen.

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