Advertising Techniques that Turn a Profit in the Cosmetic Industry

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Advertising Techniques that Turn a Profit in the Cosmetic Industry

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In the last century, the cosmetic industry has become one of the most prominent businesses to be a part of in the world. In the eye of a consumer, beauty products are luxury items rather than a necessity. However, through the economies up and downs in the past decades, the beauty industry did not seem to be affected as severely as other industries. How did the successful brands push through collapses in the economy and persuade their audiences that their products should still be a priority? Here are a few advertising techniques that have proven successful for cosmetic companies in the past.

Targeted Advertising

Studies have shown that the companies in the beauty industry with the most successful advertising methods are conglomerates who own dozens of different brands, each targeting a different demographic group. These demographic groups range from older women, young adults, teens, budget-conscious consumers, trendsetters, eco-friendly consumers, and more. Clearly, not all businesses are massive conglomerates who own a variety of companies and have the means to create tons of products to reach different demographics. However, even smaller companies with a limited product variety will benefit more from advertising to a niche group of people who are involved in the product, rather than a large mass of people who have no interest in it.

Link Selling

Use advertisements that highlight the advantages of buying a group of products together, rather than a single item. For example, if an ad for eye shadow is being created, incorporate other products of the same brand to finish the entire look. Therefore, consumers are more likely to buy the brow product, eyeliner, and mascara as well, rather than just the eyeshadow. Another method of link selling is one that is commonly used throughout the industry. An example of this would be in a lipstick commercial towards the end, the advertiser may add a message such as “For a sharper, brighter look pair this with our creamy lipliners.” This encourages the consumer to multiple products from the brand rather than just the one being advertised.

Sell More than Just the Product

In makeup advertisement, it is important to sell the consumer more than the product alone. To be truly successful, you sell aspirations, escapisms, and inspiration to appeal to your audiences. Marketing professional Helen Oakley says the most common types of aspirations makeup companies strive to sell in their advertisements are social appeal, sex appeal, and feminine appeal. Imagery is a powerful tool throughout these ads, because it communicates to the consumer that your brand will satisfy more than just the satisfaction of an attractive physical appearance. A perfect example of this is Urban Decay’s recent launch of the “Born to Run” eyeshadow palette. The theme of the palette represents a sense of freedom and empowerment, which resonates strongly with their consumers.

Choose Valuable Keywords

In cosmetic advertising, words play just as big of a role as the images themselves. When creating an advertisement pertaining to makeup, it is important to use phrases and keywords that will sway consumers to favor your brand. Some of the more commonly used words and phrases include “new,” “hot,” “long lasting,” “flirty,” “better,” “glides,” “hydrating,” “glow,” “creamy,” “pigmented,” and “wears for hours.” These keywords describe elements and benefits of makeup that consumers are consistently seeking and cannot be portrayed through simply a photo.

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Ashley Patterson

Ashley Patterson

September 25, 2018at 2:53 pm

I definitely notice these selling methods in makeup commercials and ads. The ones I think work the best are link selling and selling more than just the product. The norm for a makeup ad is to show a beautifully made-up woman and then show which products she’s wearing. By categorizing lines of makeup, it causes consumers to think the makeup goes best together. This way companies are able to sell five products as opposed to just one.

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