Are the Rise of Podcasts the End of Blogs?

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Are the Rise of Podcasts the End of Blogs?

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The world of marketing has always been about producing creative content to engage your audience. In today’s world, the focus has been on mobile devices, and with the advent of mobile devices, the number of ways to reach your audience has increased exponentially. For this reason, the podcasting platform has become more prevalent by the day. Because consumers are moving away from print media and desktop internet surfing to access information from their mobile devices, podcasts are becoming a convenient way for consumers to obtain information. Instead of going online to read your favorite blog, in many ways today you can acquire that same information by listening to a 30-minute podcast on your way to work. Podcasts may be well on their way to replacing the blog form of content creation for the following reasons.


First of all, blogs are a very efficient use of a consumer’s time. Whether you are on your way to class or at the gym, you can easily throw in your ear buds and have access to any podcast. It’s becoming harder and harder to get people to drop everything and go to your website just to read your company’s blog. Podcast’s have the power to take those barriers by letting your audience get information and content on the go while they go about their day.


Furthermore, podcasts are a very genuine form of content. Podcast are not some generic advertisement behind a big corporation. When people turn on a podcast, they are listening to an actual person give their actual thoughts. Hearing another person actually talk just feels different than reading something. It is a much more personal experience. People love listening to other people tell stories through words, and podcasts provide the most streamlined method to fulfill that desire.


Finally, blogs are just easy to consume from a listener’s standpoint. There are so many situations where you can just put on your headphones and listen to your favorite podcasts. Smart phones give us the access to millions of podcasts on several different platforms all within a few taps. It is simply a convenient form of content consumption that is available to almost everyone.


Janie Waddell

Janie Waddell

September 25, 2018at 12:32 pm

I really enjoyed reading this! I had yet to think about the impact podcasts are now having on blogs. I agree with you that podcasts are, for the most part, more convenient. I sometimes choose a blog over a podcast if I don’t happen to have headphones with me or am in a place where I cannot be listening to something, but aside from that, they are definitely the more efficient method. Nowadays all my friends tell me about the new podcasts they’ve found, not the new blogs, so it is certainly taking the lead in our generation.

Callie Petersen

Callie Petersen

September 25, 2018at 12:37 pm

Recently, I do nothing but listen to podcasts. I love to listen to humorous podcasts, but I also enjoy listening to informational content. I think it is more entertaining. Like you mentioned, not only do you get the information but also a person’s opinion on said information. Much more engaging way to stay up-to-date!

Abby Summers

Abby Summers

September 25, 2018at 1:14 pm

I had never thought of podcasts as audible blogs until now. I completely agree that podcasts are easier and more convenient to consume than a blog. In a society where everyone wants to go all the time, podcasts can remain relevant while blogs take more time that people just are not willing to give. I didn’t get interested in podcasts until this past summer but they were great for my 2 hour drive home on the weekends. It made the time pass by so quickly.

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