Cereal With Milk – A New Combination

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Cereal With Milk – A New Combination

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The Kardashian’s are famous for being famous.. Just about everyone has just accepted their fame as .. well they are just famous. Accept it. Love it or hate it. Accept it. This most recent Instragram post made by Kylie Jenner takes this implicit fame to new heights.. or new lows. She has recently made a post and along with it, saying that she has for the first time… the first time…. tried milk in her cereal. Mind blown.

Well for some reason the internet’s hive mind is. Comments left and right about the significant breakthrough in modern science have flooded the internet.

And after the dust settled, there have been some skeptics who feel betrayed by Kylie. Some are claiming that she may have lied about her scientific breakthrough. Some are saying that she has in fact tried milk with cereal before this.

Some. DON’T CARE… Some are still flabbergasted that this is even commented on in the slightest. Honestly though. If we hold people in the pop-culture light to this standard or lack there of. What’s the point of fame? Short term it is money in your pocket, but long term… Well put it this way. I doubt that Kylie Jenner is going to go down in the history books as a significant figure. If anything, The Kardashian’s will go down as the point at which people decided to start re-evaluating who they decide to allow in the lime light.

Maybe I am cynical. but I am honestly dissapointed. I guess in a weird way me making this article is fueling the fame I am complaining about though.

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Devon Artis

Devon Artis

September 25, 2018at 12:48 pm

I just, really appreciated the way you wrote this. You basically through your use of punctuation summed up my exact thoughts on this whole “Kylie cereal controversy,” like why is this happening and am I a hypocrite for still even discussing it. I think it is so embarrassing that first of all, society is so intrigued in this, second of all that I can not stop wondering why she would come up with this dumb lie of a tweet if it is in fact a lie, and lastly you said it best that I am embarrassed for myself that I am even still involved enough to take the time to leave this comment on the matter.

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