Ecommerce: Snapchat’s New Features

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Ecommerce: Snapchat’s New Features

With the ever-increasing presence of social media connectedness, it seems as if every social media platform is transitioning to have an e-commerce feature to implement into their regular business plan.

Some of these websites include Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. Pinterest recently launched the Pinterest Lens Tool, which relates visual matches of the products in the overall website. So red shoes are paired in the red section, blue flowers are paired with waterfalls, etc. Instagram now has a subsection of their platform that specializes in shopping by putting a shopping explore page in the discover tab. And finally Snapchat has implemented the e-commerce function in their social media platform.

Following on the heels of Instagram’s latest update, Snapchat is introducing a feature to give users a more interactive experience. Now by going onto the snapchat filter and holding down; users can see how much the individual products are worth on Amazon. This is one of the first interactive catalogs of it’s kind, and a big milestone for social e-commerce.

This is very good for interactiveness and connectedness, but the real question is, how good will the matches of products to Amazon be? If they are frame perfect then it’s a revolutionary technology that could shape all social media platform; but if the snapchats are lacking accuracy, then it’s just another technological fad. And with Snapchat’s stock lacking any true profit gain, investors are growing increasingly agitated with the company as a whole.

So will this pairing with Amazon be the thing that makes Snapchat profitable? Will investors still be unsatisfied with the additional features, or will this improve the profitability of the stock? Overall it depends on how the public sees this new update.

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William Salisbury

William Salisbury

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Maddie Smith

Maddie Smith

September 25, 2018at 11:00 am

I’m really excited about this feature! Like you said though, it all matters how well they pull it off. If the accuracy is there, I have no doubt that I will use that app more and I’m sure others will too. This could be a chance to potentially increase advertising as well. If Snapchat finds a way to not only show product retail price and store but also find a way to casually promote products through the lens, that would be revolutionary. My fingers are crossed for snap chat, I’m not ready to get rid of them yet.

Andrea Sanchez

Andrea Sanchez

September 25, 2018at 12:44 pm

This is a very interesting concept that Snapchat has added. I believe with Instagram’s new change, snapchat has just found a way to try and stay relevant. My main concern with this feature would be the accuracy. If you were to see someone’s Gucci shoes and you clicked anthem, would you get a link to an amazon replica of the item? Instagram seems to have links to specific sites that you get the exact product from, similar to some links on Pinterest, but if snapchat is just linking amazon, I do not see how there would be any real interest in the feature. I believe it is a cool idea on their part, but the likelihood of it being accurate and interesting for people to buy is slim.

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