Netflix VS. Disney

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Netflix VS. Disney

Netflix has come a long way from the DVD distribution service that it used to be. The service now streams to over 100 million subscribers and has an array of Netflix original TV shows and movies. These Netflix originals are so well produced that they compete with top cable television brands. This year Netflix had 112 Emmy nominations and ended up taking home 23 awards – a tie for the most with HBO. Netflix has proven itself to both fan and critics, showing that a solely online streaming service can compete with cinema quality movies and premium cable channel TV shows.

Netflix has been able to compete with the best of the best, and now it’s on to a new opponent: Disney. Netflix is used by many age groups but the one that the streaming company has been targeting lately is the youth. The future of streaming lies with the kids, and both Netflix and Disney want to dominate in that area. Netflix is already a strong contender among parents as they don’t have to worry about ads targeting their children and can stream hours upon hours of content. However, Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Play, is hoping that its classic name and reputation will be enough to enter the streaming market with success.

Netflix currently has 37 original kids shows that appeal to many different audiences and is working to introduce more content that kids and parents can watch together. The company knows how important child viewers are to be able to continue to dominate in this field. Disney will be able to offer the same benefit of commercial-free streaming while also offering a lowering price which will be a big plus for subscribers. Even if parents don’t want to trade in their Netflix subscription the small price tag of $5-$6 per month is low enough not to make to big of a difference from month to month.

It will be interesting to see how Disney does as it enters the streaming market and if what it has to offer is enough to compete with the giants of not just Netflix but with Hulu and Amazon as well.

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Tori Lam

September 25, 2018at 2:08 pm

As a marketing student, I am excited to see how Disney’s streaming service will do when it’s released. As a Netflix subscriber, I am scared. I love Netflix for all it has to offer for all ages and demographics. However, with Disney releasing their own services, I am not looking forward to Disney taking off their movies and shows from Netflix. I also like to have all my shows in one place. Also, with Disney starting their own service, I’m also afraid that other companies will do the same thing.

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