Portal by Facebook

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Portal by Facebook

Sometime next week Facebook is set to launch their own version of the Amazon Echo. Facebook has named this smart speaker “Portal”, and although no official images of the product have surfaced yet the product is supposed to look like a Bluetooth speaker with an interactive touch screen with facial recognition capabilities attached to the speaker. This hands free device is very similar to Amazon’s “Echo Show”, and will have a feature integration with Amazon’s “Alexa” allowing it to play music, shop, and do just about anything you ask it to. Through “Portal” you will also be able to navigate through Facebook and access outside on demand services. It is rumored that Portal will also be able to follow you as you navigate throughout your home. Sounds like it may be doing a bit too much, right? New interactive hands free devices like this are becoming much more prevalent in today’s society. Is Facebook’s “Portal” just a device used to gather data on people so Facebook can market to them more effectively or do they actually think this is a helpful product? Facebook has already had problems with gaining and keeping customers trust, and this product may not help build that trust between users.

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