Sweetwater and Sweet Causes

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Sweetwater and Sweet Causes

January 1997 marks the first keg sold out of Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery. This southeast company was the first to bring a west coast twist to beer. The founders, Freddy Bensch and Kevin McNerny came to Atlanta from Colorado in the summer of 1996 and saw a market for craft beer. 22 years later, Sweetwater Brewing Company is one of the better known breweries in the Southeast, best known for their popular Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale.

Despite the founders being from across the country, Sweetwater thrives locally by supporting multiple programs designed to give back to the Atlanta community. With their motto, “Don’t Float the Mainstream” they caught a theme of supporting local wildlife, specifically fish.


Here’s one post showing a partnership between Sweetwater and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT), a company working to keep waters a healthy habitat and a healthy fishery. Sweetwater’s partnership with BTT proves them a strong, helpful hand in the community.

Sweetwater created a campaign where for the month of September they had limited edition Goin’ Coastal beer cans circulating with artwork of a tarpon on 3 separate cans. If you found all three cans to make up an entire fish, you could tag #fishforafish and BTT would tag a juvenile tarpon for ongoing research. The tagging helps to determine population baseline, size, growth, and range of movement. By studying this BTT hopes to monitor and reverse the declining bonefish population.


The combined efforts of these two companies and a shared dedication to conservation and healthy habitats allowed for widespread promotion of a good cause.

This is just one of many initiatives Sweetwater has taken a part of, demonstrating their passion for community and environment. Good beer and a good cause? Grab me a can.

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