The Pros and Cons of Spotify

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The Pros and Cons of Spotify

Music is my everything. If I’m not sleeping, at work, or in class, I am listening to music. I love going to concerts, finding new artists, and sharing awesome tunes with my friends. Spotify is the perfect platform for me to do this. For those that are not yet on the Spotify bandwagon, here’s a list of some cool perks to having this service.


1.Daily Mixes

My favorite feature of Spotify has got to be the 6 Daily Mixes it provides for you. For those of you that don’t use Spotify, these mixes are playlists that Spotify tailors for you based on what you listen to most. Each playlist consists (generally) of a specific genre and is titled with 3 artists that fall into that category so you have a general idea of what you’re getting yourself into. In addition to that, the Daily Mix also throws in new songs that Spotify thinks you will like and that are similar to the other songs in the playlist. This way, you can listen to the songs you like while being introduced to new songs sporadically. Spotify changes the playlists every day, so you will never get tired of listening to the same old playlist.

2. Discover Weekly

If you are in a mood to find new music, Discover Weekly is the move for you. Unlike the Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly is a playlist of entirely new songs that Spotify thinks you will like. These songs can be from anywhere on the genre spectrum, from Indie to Electronic to Pop, depending on what you listen to. Spotify generates a new version of the playlist for you every week, so you have 7 days to sift through the list of new tunes and decide if you want to save them to your library.

3. Shared Playlists

Another exciting feature of Spotify is the ability to publicly share playlists you make and allow others to add songs to it. I personally use this when my friends and I are throwing a party or are going on a road trip and want a playlist that includes a bit of music that everyone likes. Instead of having to go through the annoying task of taking song requests, you can just share the link to the playlist and people can add songs on their own. A win-win!

4. Shazam links straight to Spotify

If you’re like me and like to whip out Shazam** in the middle of the store because you hear a fire song AND you use Spotify, you should definitely link the two accounts. By doing this, the songs that you Shazam automatically go to a playlist on Spotify called ‘My Shazam Tracks’. This way, you skip the step of reopening Shazam and looking for the name of the song you found and can go straight to the playlist and add the song to your library.

** If you are not aware of what Shazam is, it’s an app that detects what song is playing in any setting. So if you are walking through the grocery store and hear a song you like, you can open the app, click the Shazam button and the name of the song playing will pop up.




In this age of streaming, it seems like people are die-hards for one service and one service only—either Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud or Tidal. I can’t imagine switching to a different service, but there are definitely some kinks in Spotify that make me curious what it’s like being a user of another streaming service.

1.Not Every Artist is on Spotify

Unfortunately, some artists are not too keen about their songs being on Spotify. They might have a contract with Apple music that allows them to only have their music on that streaming site. Alternatively, they might only have their music on SoundCloud since that is more of an “underground/hipster” platform. This is particularly the case for EDM (electronic dance music) because these artists often have many remixes and while some of their more popular tracks are on Spotify, their remixes are not.

2. It’s a little tricky to figure out how to navigate the app

It definitely took me some time to figure out how to use all of the features of Spotify. While the format is fairly simple, some of the features like the Daily Mixes are a little harder to find. I was not aware that this feature even existed until almost 2 years into having the app.

3. The shuffle feature is flawed (to me at least)

I generally listen to my Spotify songs in the order of how they are listed in my library, but there comes a point in time that I can literally tell you which song is coming up next. It’s at this point that I hit the shuffle button and hope for the best. Sometimes I get a good variety of songs from all over my library. But other times, it seems like I get a big clump of songs by the same artist or genre in a row. I’m not sure if this is a glitch in my app or a pattern for other Spotify users. I’m curious, does this happen to anyone else?




John DeLoach

John DeLoach

September 25, 2018at 3:09 pm

I liked this post a lot because I use Spotify daily and often think about what it does well and not so well. I completely agree with what you said about Spotify’s lack of artists. Many times I have searched for upcoming artists on Spotify and could not find them. Also, I think that the shared playlist part of Spotify is a great feature and often under appreciated.

Cole Greenberg

Cole Greenberg

September 25, 2018at 3:17 pm

I too constantly listen to music all day every day so I am on my Spotify app all of the time. The student discount is only $5 a month which is definitely money well spent. I should use my Discover Weekly more as I’ve been listening to the same artists for the past month and need new music. I like how you list the pros and cons as I’ve never really took those into consideration. Thanks for sharing!

Sophie Bluestein

Sophie Bluestein

October 1, 2018at 9:21 am

I really enjoyed reading this post. Spotify is a big part of my everyday life. I use it in the car, to study, and to workout. I love all it has to offer. I do agree however that the lack of certain artists is a major issue. I also agree that at first the app is very hard to navigate. I was confused and lost the first few times I used it. Although there are some obvious flaws in the Spotify app, I do love the value the app adds to the music world. I have come across so many new songs and artists because of it.

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