Were The Best Really The Best?

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Were The Best Really The Best?

Yesterday, The Best Fifa Football Awards was held and they have had a huge impact on social media. Multiple awards were given out, such as the Puskas, an award for the best goal, Fair Play award, Best Player award and the FIFA Pro 11. These awards were based off of popular vote rather than actual skill. Because of this, this year had very controversial winners which have gotten a lot of attention on reddit, twitter, and instagram. Many people are not happy with who was nominated, for example: Mo Salah won the award for scoring the best goal, even though it was not a very special one when compared with goals by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale in the champions league.

I think that FIFA will take these problems into account and change the system for these awards. FIFA has been known to have many corruption problems, which have once again risen to concerns.

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