Wishing I Was Back in Tallinn

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Wishing I Was Back in Tallinn

One of the most surprising stops on my two-month European adventure with my best friend was Tallinn, Estonia. I had never even heard of the capital of Estonia until I was told that our Baltic cruise stopped there for a day. I had no idea what to expect, so I just assumed it would be a uniform, dull city, since the communist rule had only ended not even 30 years before. But to our surprise, Tallinn ended up being one of the most colorful and magical cities on our adventure.

As Sally and I were taking pictures at the point that is known to have the best skyline view of Tallinn, two European, college students, one from Portugal and one from Bulgaria, came up to us with a camera and asked us if they could interview us for their online video blog. They explained to us that they were two business students studying abroad in Tallinn. They talked about how in one of their classes they had to upload a video blog every week. The requirements were to go to different tourist sites and try to interview tourists from different areas of the world on different world topics.

Since the World Cup was about to begin, our topic was sports and how it impacts society. Sally and I were able to talk about UGA football and how it brings a fan base from all over the country together. The students then started to ask us if we believed sports was a way to bring people of all races, religions, genders, etc. together and leave differences aside. Sally brought up how right now in the US there was a lot of controversy about football players kneeling during the national anthem and we gave them our opinions. After the interview was over, we got to know the students a little better and they asked us a million questions about what the US was like and more on the kneeling controversy. One of them explained that they read American CNN to keep up with American news and that he had read about the controversy. It was so interesting to hear the perspectives of two people who come from such different backgrounds then we do.

After our day long exploration of Tallinn, back in our stateroom on the ship, Sally and I talked about how amazing it was to be able to connect with the two students.  The world seems like such a big place, but it seemed so small when we met these marketing students in Tallinn. We were so similar to them, but at the same time so different. We were able to add them on social media, and now every time I see them post pictures in their home countries, it makes them seem like they are so much closer than the really are. Social media makes the world smaller in a better way. It’s just crazy to me that three months ago Sally and I were featured on their school assigned blog, and now they are featured in mine.

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