Fortnite Makes Gaming History

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Fortnite Makes Gaming History

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This past week Fortnite, made history by becoming the first game to have cross platform play enabled between all devices. This final hurdle was overcome when Sony agreed to allow cross platform play between XBox and Playstation. From an outside perspective, this may appear to some of you as a “so what?” kind of moment so I’ll put it in layman terms.

Imagine if your friend had an iPhone and you wanted to play Fortnite with them, but you had a Android. Beforehand you wouldn’t be able to play with your friend or any other friend that didn’t have the same kind as phone as you. With cross platform play you would now be able to not only play with them but also every other friend no matter what console or method they were using to access the game.

Fortnite is the first game in history to overcome what was previously seen as an unobtainable dream for gamers, and by doing so they are once again basking in the limelight of free advertisement within the gaming world. Through increasing connectivity, they have also solidified their already enormous player base since gamers can now squad up with their friends no matter what system they are using. If someone decided not to play Fortnite one day because they couldn’t play with their buddy Todd since he had an Xbox and they had a PS4, they no longer have that obstacle obstructing them from putting more hours into this game. Do you think the Fortnite craze is just that or is this game here to stay? As of now it definitely appears to be the latter.


























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