NFL: Player’s getting to Greedy?

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NFL: Player’s getting to Greedy?

People have been following sports and entertainment events since the Medieval times and this large fan group has only grown. Millions of fans have been following their favorite sports for years and years and the larger the fan base, the more money that is involved. While athletes have always been payed outrageous numbers, these numbers have recently been breaking records. Starting with the new global phenomenon- NBA.

The NBA has recently been giving out max contracts to several players and have been breaking contract records for the past few years. Stars such as Steph Curry are earning $34+ million and that is only from their NBA contract- most are making even more from sponsors. LeBron James is earning $33 million and plenty of others are making over $25 million. These huge numbers have been causing a wave throughout the NBA, but have recently been affecting the NFL.

Recently there have been multiple players who have been in the recent media, but not because of the exceptional stats, but instead because they have refused to play. Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers “Franchise” running back, has refused to play in the 2018 regular season due to not being payed enough. He is looking to get his second “franchise” contract that could result in $100+ million, but instead would have been earning “only” $14.5 million this year. Other players in the league are making much more, such as Matthew Stafford at $135 million and the recent Aaron Donald contract of $85 million guaranteed, but does that mean it is appropriate for Le’Veon to not play…

The Pittsburgh Steelers have came out and said that they think it is selfish that Le’Veon will not play with them and help the team when he is making more than anyone else on the team to begin with. Given, he was a leading running back and all-star player last year, but teams aren’t a one man show, it is a brotherhood that depends on every moving part.

Are players like Le’Veon Bell being over dramatic and a bit selfish to leave his team behind while he is still making more than 99% of the world or does he have a legitimate point to not play this season, expecting to be paid maximum for his athletic abilities.

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Jourdan Baldwin

Jourdan Baldwin

October 2, 2018at 2:05 pm

I don’t think NFL players are being selfish. They risk their lives every time they go on the field and get paid less than NBA players who are prone to less serious injuries. However, NBA teams have less players on their roster which allows them to pay them more.

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