3 Industries Millennials Just Aren’t Buying Into

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3 Industries Millennials Just Aren’t Buying Into

Millennials have been getting a bad wrap for quite a while now, and it seems other generations are putting blame on them yet again. Defined as the age group born from the early 80s to the late 90s, Millennials seem to be the source of controversy and discontent for many other generations. Now they’re being accused of killing entire industries due to changes in preferences and trends. Here a better look at 5 industries that are suffering supposedly due to Millennials.

  • Chain Restaurants

It’s no surprise to find that chain restaurants are on this list. In recent years, many chains have seen a decrease in sales and have struggled to attract customers to their places of business. It seems that Millennials are more content with saving money by cooking meals at home. Another reason for the decrease in activity of chains is that Millenials are busy. They don’t seem to have the time necessary to sit down at a chain restaurant like TGI Friday’s or Applebees.

  • Department Stores

The rapid rise of e-commerce sites has caused decreased sales for many traditional department stores. Places like Macy’s and Sears have been forced to close many locations and focus more on their online customers. Millennials nowadays prefer the convenience and ease of shopping online. Having exactly what you want delivered to your doorstep is a very appealing aspect to Millenials, along with the time saved by not having to shop in person at department stores.


With so many options for breakfast in today’s world, cereal seems to be one of the last choices for Millenials. Many surveys show that Millenials greatly prefer breakfast products that require no clean-up. To them, cereal is an inconvenient choice compared to granola bars or other handheld products. A lot of this has to do with the fact that many Millenials are on the go and don’t have time to clean up after breakfast every morning.


Ashley Lollar

Ashley Lollar

October 3, 2018at 11:27 pm

Your post first grabbed my attention because you always hear about millennials being the first to jump on new trends. I was excited to see what you think millennials aren’t a fan of. I do agree with most of the things that you said, except for cereal. I feel like cereal is a staple breakfast food that will always have my loyalty. I also totally agree with you in that millennials hate chain restaurants but this makes me really sad. Have you ever been to Cheddar’s? I applaud your creativity and I agree that millennials are definitely going to be responsible for the death of these industries.

Courtney Cunningham

Courtney Cunningham

October 4, 2018at 10:43 am

I honestly did not expect cereal to be on this list. I know there’s the nostalgic childhood feeling associated with brands like Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the array of cereal options offered in the dining hall. But outside of that, the popularity due to millennials laziness could actually be a threat.

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