GoPro Adventures into UGC

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GoPro Adventures into UGC

Making user generated content work for your brand is not limited to food and fashion. GoPro has solidified itself as a UGC expert over the years. Whether your exploring oceans or climbing mountains, loyal GoPro customers take photos and videos tagging them with #GoPro.

The camera company has manager to turn its customers into the best brand advocates. They utilize a series of contests, campaigns and prizes to promote shares, retweets and overall engagement. This strategy also encourages sales, as 64% of consumers seek out user validation before making a purchase.

Additionally, with over 6 million followers on Youtube, GoPro highlights new products through customer validation. Studies show that UGC Youtube videos get ten times more views than brand created videos, and it seems to be paying off for GoPro. In one week, the most recently posted video has received over 1.8 million views. GoPro truly knows how to make an impact in the adventure space.

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Haley Planson

Haley Planson

October 3, 2018at 2:53 pm

Personally, I love when I see brands using user generated content. It shows that the company values its customers and how they are using its products/services. I’ve definitely seen GoPro doing this on their Instagram and it makes me want to be featured! They do a great job generating user content and making it look amazing.

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