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Hooked on Hooked

One defining characteristic of college students is the fact that we’re notoriously broke and therefore, always looking to save some money. We all know that eating at home is the most cost effective strategy, but sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. That’s when the app Hooked comes into play, a platform specifically tailored to provide food and drink deals in college towns across the country.

Here’s how the app works: you create an account (with the option to connect through Facebook) then are brought to the homepage where you’re able to scroll through the available deals nearby. Chances are you’ll find some of your favorite Athens spots on here including Dawg Gone Good BBQ, D.P. Dough, and Zombie Coffee and Donuts to name a few. Something to note about these promotions is that they’re time-sensitive, an aspect that is key for delivering business value. On each one, you can find a countdown of how much time is left before that deal will expire. Founders Tim Rothwell and Brett Berman knew that this model would assist in bringing traffic to these establishments in hours that might not be as popular otherwise.

When partnering with Hooked, businesses are able to tailor these hours specifically to their preferences in order to maximize the effectiveness in driving up sales. They claim to be a hands-off platform, meaning Hooked will take charge of managing everything from graphics to results. They have three different marketing packages from basic to premium so restaurants are able to further customize their experience with Hooked, and have the opportunity to start with a free trial. All in all, it would be a smart business strategy to test out the Hooked app and see if it can’t bring in more revenue during the lull hours. And next time you’re on the hunt for some good food or drinks, check Hooked first. Your wallet will thank you.


Charlie Goedtke

Charlie Goedtke

October 3, 2018at 5:12 pm

Hooked is a great app for college towns. It’s often what helps college students decide where to eat. A friend of mine works for them and manages the hooked team at Auburn. I don’t see why restaurants wouldn’t give it a shot because the free trial lasts 90 days and that is a great opportunity to test it out. I think hooked would benefit from some targeted advertising on instagram. I sometimes forget about it and the occasional reminder would help.

Ansley Bolen

Ansley Bolen

October 3, 2018at 5:27 pm

Love this post!! Personally, I use Hooked all the time when picking a study spot because there’s always great coffee deals. I think it’s super interesting that Hooked offers a tiered membership, because it seems like a fairly straightforward app/process. I would be interested in seeing what the top of the line membership got v. the entry level membership other than enhanced customization. Really interesting, thanks for sharing!

Meryl Preis

October 3, 2018at 11:28 pm

So glad someone finally wrote about Hooked! If I’m being honest, I only downloaded the app about 2 weeks ago because I heard about a promotion at The Office less than an hour before it expired. BUT I plan on keeping the app on my phone and trying to take full advantage of it! This app is a great idea, and I completely agree, it definitely drives traffic to places you wouldn’t originally think to eat. All college students can appreciate a good deal, and as a business in a college town, taking advantage of that is key. By playing to what your audience wants, you can really tap into your target market. Great blog!!

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