Instagram Takeovers TAKE OVER

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Instagram Takeovers TAKE OVER

Recently, a popular trend on Instagram is “Instagram Takeovers”. This occurs when one person who does not own the account being “taken over” posts and makes Instagram stories for a short period of time. This is typically done to promote the account and the celebrity. (Most of the time these takeovers are done to popular accounts by celebrities.)

Accounts seem to be doing this in order to increase awareness and drive more traffic to their page. Typically, when a celebrity is doing a takeover, they will post on their own personal account that they are doing so. And, if people are obsessed enough, they will head over to the account hosting the takeover and hit the follow button. But what’s in it for it the celebrity? Well…celebrities post their own username in every single takeover they do, whether it be a post or an Instagram story, so they get very nice exposure. For celebrities, it is all about the spreading of their own personal brand to users of Instagram. For accounts, it is all about gaining more exposure.

There are two accounts I personally follow that do this quite regularly. The first is ENews. I love this account because it keeps me up to date with all the celebrity gossip and the going on’s of Hollywood. But I especially love this account during The Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons. Every Monday night, ENews recruits one or two old Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants to take over their Instagram and live stream the episode. They also do this with other celebrities to promote upcoming movies, tv shows, and music. The other account that does this is Apple Music. Whenever an artist releases an album or EP, they do a takeover on Apple Music’s Spotify to promote it.

Either way, Instagram Takeovers are a great way to gain a new audience for your account and may end up taking over Instagram. I think that in the future we will see them even more than we already do.

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