New App Tracks Monthly Unborn Baby Progress

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New App Tracks Monthly Unborn Baby Progress

New App,”What to Expect”, is all the rage for new mommies to be. This app lets moms share with friends their baby’s daily, weekly or monthly progress.

The app shows you just how big your baby is at this very moment by comparing it to certain foods or common household objects, such as blueberries, apples, and artichokes. It also shows you a countdown to your due date and other interesting facts/tips.


For first time parents, these facts and figures really excite them. I have a friend right now who is pregnant for the first time and that’s actually how I found out that these type of apps exist. She posts about once a week on her Instagram story a screenshot of how big her little baby girl is growing to be. This week I believe she is up to a grapefruit! Exciting! It’s also a fun way for people like her mom and close friends to follow along with her in her pregnancy (without having to shoot her a text every week asking for an update).

Another cool option on the app, “What to Expect”, is a mom’s discussion page. The app also doubles as a social media outlet for mothers to connect with one another and plan playdates or grab coffee and get to know one another. Because, while your friends all say they love to hear about your pregnancy- no one wants to talk about it 24/7 other than women who are also pregnant. Genius!


The last cool thing I’ll mention before letting you guys go back to taking your birth control in peace is that the app doesn’t stop tracking even after the baby is born. While post-birth you can obviously observe your baby grow without the use of technology, the app provides helpful information on specific milestones along the way.

While I’m not suggesting that anyone download this app now @ugastudents….it may be a useful tool in your near future…

and by near, I mean 10 years from now.

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