Sweetener The Experience: Spotify’s Exclusive Pop-Up Exhibit Is Changing How Artists Connect With Fans

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Sweetener The Experience: Spotify’s Exclusive Pop-Up Exhibit Is Changing How Artists Connect With Fans

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Last week, Ariana Grande partnered with Spotify to bring her newest album, Sweetener, to life. Through an exclusive Spotify pop-up event, Sweetener The Experience took visitors on a sensory journey to discover (or rediscover) her music.

 In the age of digital streaming, it can become difficult for artists to share the inspiration behind their music. Although album booklets and CD covers are a thing of the past, Spotify experiences are ushering in a new way for artists to connect with fans.

In Sweetener The Experience, the exhibit takes visitors through different rooms, all of which represent a specific track on the album. In essence, the popup reflects Grande’s lyrics on each song. For example, “get well soon” is in part an anthem of celebration and love of her fans. The room features a wall of phones, each of which has a message of wisdom and affirmation from the pop-star herself.

Ariana Grande in the “get well soon” room at Sweetener The Experience

Another room, for the track “God is a woman,” features a wall that mimics the iconic music video released ahead of the album. Fans have the opportunity to pose and experience the song from Ariana’s point of view.

Ariana Grande posing in the “God is a woman” room at Sweetener The Experience.

The experience, featuring fifteen rooms in total, was not only a great PR/marketing move, but also gave fans the experience of a lifetime. From a marketing standpoint, Grande was able to promote her successful album via social media, while also getting to share in a unique experience with some of her lucky fans. Additionally, it brought attention to the meaning behind Grande’s music. According to the exhibit, Grande has a deeper connection with her fans, who are aptly named “Arianators.” Although she is a pop singer, she doesn’t just sing hits, but rather writes from the heart and deeply cares about her audience.

The Rundown: The Spotify experience popup not only generated buzz around Grande’s music and career, but also solidified her image as someone who invests and connects with her fans. Secondary to that, the exhibit also brought renewed attention to her music and gave her a fresh way to promote her work. 

In my opinion, Sweetener The Experience is just the beginning. The positive PR gains are tempting and the popup is unique and fun. In the future, I think we’ll be seeing more artists take advantage of exclusive and immersive album experiences to connect with fans both online and in person. What do you think? Comment below!

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