Adidas: Dragon Ball Z Collection

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Adidas: Dragon Ball Z Collection

Originality is hard to come by when brands are deciding to launch new sneaker lines. However, Adidas has struck gold with their new Dragon Ball Z collection. Sneaker fans are going crazy over the shoe line and so is social media.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Z, the plot of the action cartoon is to collect all of the Dragon Balls in order to access some kind of eternal power. Adidas have triggered fans of both their sneakers and the popular cartoon series with this collaboration. Adidas is challenging its collectors to, like the Dragon Balls, collect all of the sneakers featured in the collection. While I am not a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z nor Adidas shoes, I recognize and appreciate the allure they are creating. Completing the collection would be a very impressive feat for any shoe collector.

Collaborations are huge within sneaker culture. As I talked about in one of my other blogs, brands will collaborate with athletes in order to promote signature shoes and drive demand from their fans. As you can see, this strategy is not restricted to just athletes. It is not uncommon for brands to collaborate with other types of crowed appealing collaborations.

Adidas has Dragon Ball Z fans and Adidas sneaker heads awaiting the release of all seven shoes in the collection. This strategy is great for marketing in tow ways. One, it will generate a lot of brand attention, meaning people that may not necessarily always pay attention to sneaker releases may notice this huge collaboration or hear about it in some way. Secondly, these limited edition shoes will not be cheap, and most die hard fans will want to buy all seven to complete the collection. This means a large pay day for Adidas.

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Garrett Broxson

Garrett Broxson

October 4, 2018at 2:58 pm

I really enjoyed seeing this post as I have also been following the news from this collaboration for a while now. Adidas seems to have really hit the ball out of the park with this one because I am not sure I have ever seen a shoe collaboration get this much hype. Adidas has created fresh product that people value from style perspective, while integrating the brand of Dragon Ball Z, which many people our age grew up watching and are very nostalgic about it. This is a great example of a company a putting out product that valuable to consumers on multiple levels.

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