Can Anthropologie Compete?

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Can Anthropologie Compete?

Last under the URBN brands is Anthropologie. Anthropologie is a lifestyle brand that offers a wide variety of products from clothing, to candles, to beauty supplies. Anthropologie has the smallest physical presence, with only 200 stores worldwide. Their target market is affluent women in their thirties and forties considering their price ranges are much higher than their sister companies. Their products are more mature and modest; they come from all over the world, and showcase a particular style. Their stores offer an unbeatable ambiance: the lighting is relaxing and the products are placed perfectly throughout the store, you feel as if you are in a luxurious home.

Anthropologie’s Instagram account is very aesthetically pleasing. It is evident that they portray a theme through all of their posts in order to brand themselves. Their pictures make sense when considering their target market. There are no memes or promotion codes, but instead refined images of beautiful landscapes, models in clothing women could wear to work, and lifestyle images of coffee mugs and books for #MugClub season. They have 3.5 million followers that follow the storytelling of their brand. They are not just trying to promote their products, but showing how you can incorporate it into your everyday life while walking around town or designing a room in your home. They offer relentless inspiration to their target market, so their posts are helpful and create loyal customers.


Anthropologie runs campaigns to inspire women. They are currently running a campaign for Breast

Cancer Awareness Month called #StrengthInStories, which shows everyday women who are conquering Breast Cancer. This incorporates user generated content into their feed, making the brand relatable. They also keep their followers engaged by incorporating contests. They started the #DearAnthro hashtag so women could post Anthropologie products they wanted on their personal accounts (free marketing!) for a chance to win a product on their social media wishlist. They use hashtags on lots of their posts, like #AnthroHome and #AdventuresofAnthro. They have partnered with multiple big name influencers like Mara Hoffman to grow their target market. Their captions are simple and informative, they give direct links to the product or a blog that shows their customers how to style a bed. They use their Instagram store to guide their followers to more in-depth content like their blog. Today their instagram story demonstrated how to style a rug in different rooms throughout the house, and then encouraged the viewer to “swipe up” to read the rest of the blog. This content is engaging because it is useful, but it also sparks a need in the consumer to eventually buy a new rug, if their current one isn’t styled correctly.


With product tagging bringing the consumer directly to the product on the website, and engaging posts that help followers style their homes, I think Anthro not only competes, but does the best job of branding out of all of the brands under URBN. Although I am not Anthro’s target market, I feel inspired to one day have a put together style and home that people are impressed with. I think the campaigns they run as well as the content they post fits their target market to a tee. They have a very well thought-through Instagram strategy that does not go unnoticed.


Haley Naylor

Haley Naylor

October 4, 2018at 12:17 pm

When I first read your title on this blog I was like WHAT because I anticipated this blog taking a totally different direction. I love how you highlighted how well this brand is doing because they totally deserve it. They’re not an in your face brand and they don’t use beacon technology to alert you when you’re near the store, but they always have a way of keeping themselves in the forefront of our minds. I always know when I’m near an Anthro and I always pop in even though all I can afford is a mug on sale. They are doing it right without a doubt.

Madelyn McNeely

Madelyn McNeely

October 4, 2018at 12:21 pm

I agree that Anthropologie is targeted to an older, more affluent audience than my current 20 year old self, but I absolutely love that store. They do a phenomenal job of creating an aesthetically pleasing storefront and social media presence that makes me excited about their brand. I love the idea of using the hashtag #StrengthInStories and highlighting stories of women who have conquered breast cancer. They are definitely competing and I also think they do the best of the URBN brands.

Juliana Correa

October 4, 2018at 12:52 pm

I agree- I think Anthro is doing an incredible job in terms of the way they market their brand! I absolutely love what you mentioned they are doing in regards to their campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. Honestly, that makes me love the brand even more! Their platforms on all types of social media are always inspiring, aesthetically pleasing and usually socially aware of trends/issues today. Because I can’t afford much in their store, I agree that Anthro is targeted more to an older platform of women that have a larger margin to spend on clothes. However, this doesn’t stop me from wanting almost everything in their store!

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