Changing the Chamber- Week Five

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Changing the Chamber- Week Five

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This was an important week for the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce. We had our Mid-Year fundraising event and our NetWORK lunch. The Mid-Year Event took place at One Press Place in downtown Athens and is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year. We had food, drinks, opportunities to network with other members, and a chance to hear our new CEO David Bradley introduce himself formally and say a few words. We also announced our 2018 Small Business of the Year award winner, Avid Bookshop. It was a very successful and fun night. I posted prior, during, and after the event on social media in order to promote it and show how fun it was.

On Instagram this past week, I posted a lot for the Mid-Year event I just mentioned. I attended the event in order to be able to take pictures to post on social media, and while I was there I posted multiple Instagram stories. The first story was of the entrance into the event, which was lined by some lit trees and represented our theme of the night: Lighting the Way. Some of the servers were wearing light-up robot costumes, which is of course extremely interesting and a little weird, so I posted them on my story with our theme’s logo in the background. I think that post really highlighted how fun and how cool the event was, and made it seem less serious and boring, as some people may have imagined it would be. I also posted a video of one of the food tables because who doesn’t love food? The food was also very good, and I wanted to showcase that. I also posted a picture of David speaking with a quote from his speech, “the future is awesome.” I thought that quote would get people excited and show how excited David is to make progress as the new CEO. I also posted a video of everyone having fun and mingling at the event, which also showed off our really cool event space. The caption read, “Great people having a great time,” which I think shows how much we love our members and how everyone that attended the event enjoyed it. At the end, I posted a story thanking everyone that came. I think each post for the Instagram story highlighted a different aspect of the event, and all together made it look like a fun evening. I also posted the next day a carousel of pictures from the professional photographer. All of the pictures were people in groups that looked like they were having fun. The first picture was of our 2018 Small Business of the Year winner, Janet, holding her award because I wanted that picture to be on our page’s feed. Janet was also recognized in Georgia Trend magazine as a Top 40 under 40 and was on the cover, so I added a picture of that to our Instagram story congratulating her. I also made sure to congratulate her on her own post by commenting to show her followers that we support her and all of our members when they do something great. On Saturday, I posted an Instagram story from Sanford Stadium for Game Day, which shows us supporting the Dawgs and UGA. I have been posting those for every home game, and plan to continue because I think it is important to highlight our relationship with the University. Plus, everyone in Athens loves the Dawgs and seeing posts about them. I also posted an Instagram story and an actual post congratulating and promoting one of our new members, Pure Balance Pilates, who had their ribbon cutting this week. We posted quite a bit on Instagram this week, but I think it wasn’t too excessive and I think that everything we posted was relevant and important to include. I think that having a consistent presence on Instagram will help us attract new followers.


On Facebook this week, I shared Avid Bookshop’s post about their owner, Janet, wining 2018 Small Business of the Year with a caption saying congratulations and that we are excited to see what they do in the future. I also posted multiple pictures from the Mid-Year event that the professional photographer took, most of which were the same ones I posted on Instagram, and had a caption thanking everyone for coming, congratulating Avid Bookshop again, saying we had a great time with great people, and quoting David Bradley, “the future is awesome.” I basically combined everything that I had said on Instagram into one caption for all of the pictures I posted on Facebook. I also created Facebook events for our NetWORK lunch and Small Business Breakfast Club to promote those upcoming events. Facebook is where I mainly promote our events, while occasionally reminding people about them through Instagram Stories. I also posted about an event that the UGA Small Business Development Center was having to discuss non-traditional options to fund a small business or new start-up. That post combines promoting our relationship with UGA and helping some of our members have the opportunity to get educated on an important, relevant topic. I also met with the lady that is the head of the leisure department for the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, who wanted some help promoting the annual Athens Parade of Lights and informing businesses that they need to start applying if they want to be apart of it. I posted a video of the event from last year on Facebook, and I included an explanation of how businesses can start applying to be a part of the event. I also included the link to the application and guidelines. Lastly, I shared a post from Georgia CEO that was a video of our CEO David Bradley talking about why he is so excited to be in Athens and what he loves most about it. This video shows how much our CEO loves Athens and hopefully will get other people as excited about Athens as our CEO is. I think all of these posts meet our goals of wanting to celebrate our members, our relationship with the community, and the Chamber itself.

On LinkedIn, I shared some other people’s posts about our Mid-Year event, including one congratulating our 2018 Small Business of the Year winner, Janet. This was an awesome award to win, so I think we should celebrate her and promote her business as much as possible. I also shared a post about our NetWORK lunch that thanked everyone for coming. These posts were focused more on the content of our business events instead of promoting them like I do on Facebook. They were relevant to business and I think our followers enjoyed seeing what events and networking opportunities we were having.

As I mentioned earlier, our Mid-Year event is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year, so it deserved more promotion and mention than our other weekly events. I think I posted a lot about it, without posting too much. I posted mostly the same thing on each platform because we have different audiences for each one and because some people may have missed it on one social media platform, but then were able to see a post about it on another one. My job as the head of their Digital Marketing was extremely important this week, and I think I did a good job of promoting our Mid-Year event, as well as other things. I enjoy the challenges that each week brings, and I am excited for the big things we have planned next week.


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