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The String Cheese Incident’s Hulaween festival returns to Suwannee, Florida, this Halloween weekend for its sixth year. The event is capped at 20,000 attendees, and features seven String Cheese sets. Last year, Hulaween sold out for the first time. This year, the festival sold out at an even faster rate.

In 2017, Hulaween rearranged the layout of the festival for better foot traffic, and to customize the festival goers experience. Now attendees can choose between two equal sized stages based on the genre of their choice. This jam-band festival has never lost its focus, but understands in order to grow, it must include a diverse roster. Festival creator, Michael Berg, wanted the event to grow organically. He is obsessed with fan experience and stated, “Personally checking social media and email complaints can keep you up at night but also helps address legitimate issues.”

Hulaween is a camping festival with amenities including a general store, full-service restaurant, showers, indoor bathrooms, and water stations. The 10,000 Thursday pre-party passes ease the migration of festival goers into the camp site. Campers gather around Spirit Lake, a major focus of Hulaween’s atmosphere. This is where attendees can find art instillations, light shows, and performance art.

Because Hulaween is held on Halloween weekend, festival goers are encouraged to dress-up based on that year’s theme. The location of Hulaween lends itself to the spirit of Halloween with moss covered trees and a magical spirit in the air. The promo video for Hulaween has spooky vibes and portrays festival goers donned in their best costumes. This year’s theme is “Creatures of the Galaxy.” Hulaween evolved from String Cheese’s 14 year running Halloween show, and Saturday night, Cheese plays a highly anticipated themed set.


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