Influencing Everyone

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Influencing Everyone

This week, when looking into how people are “under the influence of Instagram influencers”, I decided to focus on an influencer who has been on most people’s timelines at some point, regardless if you prefer fashion over fitness, probably sometime in your middle school days. Nash Grier is an Internet personality who became known for his online vine videos in 2013. So how did this high school kid creating six-second loop videos become one of Time Magazine’s 2015 30 most influential people on the internet?

Grier’s career started with a passion for video producing and a love of comedy. He used his influencer to connect with other influential people on the internet such as Cameron Dallas and Jack Johnson. However, he came more into the public eye in 2013 with his release of a vine where he used a homophobic slur. After a public apology, Grier continued to make videos and his brand grew. He has since released mobile games and apps. He started his own website and merchandise store before partnering with Aéropostale to create a clothing line. The brand faced scrutiny for the partnership due to Grier’s recent controversy.

Nash Grier is an interesting influencer because he embodies how the spread of internet and technology has changed how people of all ages are influenced. He markets his videos and merchandise to a younger crowd, who because of the spread of technology, have become a growing community of consumers. Children now consume content and their parents, in turn, become monetary consumers. As of 2018, with 9.9 million Instagram followers, Grier’s influence is still notable.

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