It’s About Time, TV

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It’s About Time, TV

The field of advertising and marketing is transitioning rapidly into the digital space. It is cheaper, can be analyzed, and can be targeted with creepy precision. Banner ads, pop-ups, and ads on our social media timelines are all traceable and can give great insight to companies about their audience. With all these benefits, it is no surprise why this shift is happening so quickly. But what about traditional media? TV commercials, mailers, and magazine ads aren’t dead… right?


TV is finally realizing that they have to catch up in one way or another. The increasingly competitive landscape is causing concern for the future of the TV advertisement. Industry professionals believe they need to start using technology to their advantage – instead of fearing its changes. Trying to keep up with big players like Hulu and Netflix can be challenging, and the inefficiencies in the TV industry only make that challenge harder to tackle. The proposed solution is to run the TV ad game much like the digital one, with an automated system of spot buying.

“This will result in faster change within the industry. The easier the technological change becomes, the more it brings advantages such as easier integration with partners, ease of execution and advanced communication between buyers and sellers.”  -Shereta Williams

But change can be scary. Many feel they could be out of a job, but that’s not necessarily the case. Improved technology could mean TV buyers and sellers can focus on what’s more important, better results.

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