It’s finally Fall, and you are missing it

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It’s finally Fall, and you are missing it

I am always slightly disappointed by the amount of people who are so deeply involved in checking social media platforms that they miss out on the rest of the world.  Now by that, I do not mean to say that I as well do not find myself neck deep in Instagram updates, or constantly refreshing my twitter page although I know nothing new will likely occur, but more so the people who almost walk through other humans or in front of cars due to their lack of awareness.  However, usually I just step to the side of the aloof sidewalk travelers, or say a silent prayer that the car driver is not similarly engulfed in social media and is actually consciously driving, but that has recently changed.  Now that it is officially becoming fall, holiday season, spooky season, and my favorite time of year by far, I am finding myself so frustrated by every one barreling through the fallen leaves dying to be crushed, and those liking all of the “spooky posts” but not interacting with real humans in fall activities.  For this reason, I wanted to create a list of things to do this Spooky Season other than living for the sole purpose of checking social media:

  • Look up as you walk (I know, I’m starting out with a giant challenge)
  • Crunch the leaves, all of them, crunch so many that others will have to go out of their way to find more
    • do it, I know you want to
  • Carve a pumpkin
    • or paint one, not meant to stress you out if you do not love artsy situations
  • Drink hot chocolate
    • honestly do this always, it never loses its charm
  • Go to a corn maze
  • Watch some festive movies with your friends
  • Sit outside
    • and actually look at the sky
  • Go on a walk, without your phone
    • but yes, definitely tell someone where you are going and when you should be back by
  • Talk to your friends
    • in person
  • Do anything with friend that you normally would but,
    • put all of the phones on do not disturb and away from the group
    • all of the people you actively talk to are probably there, so really who do you need to text at the moment
  • And if you are dying to do something on your phone?
    • go on Amazon
    • but by something to give to someone else this holiday season
    • do not buy something for yourself
    • you always do that, switch it up

(it should be known that I will also be trying to do these things, specifically challenged by not buying myself anything on Amazon because I definitely have an Amazon problem)

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