Michaels Crafts a Unique Promotional Technique

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Michaels Crafts a Unique Promotional Technique

Most of us have heard of the popular craft store, Michaels. The business is a staple for students, crafters, and the general public alike, boasting a wide array of glitter, knitting yarn, and just about every other crafting item you could think of.

When it comes to promotion, however, Michaels has found a unique way to showcase the multitude of products it carries. As opposed to solely posting photos of its different commodities, Michaels has turned to its customers to help it share the various items on its shelves. It created the hashtag #MakeitwithMichaels and began encouraging customers and fans to use the hashtag when sharing photos of the creations they made using Michaels’ products. The brand’s Instagram page is speckled with different unique creations from users, all re-posted with this hashtag. As opposed to showing bland pictures of what is in stores, Michaels put a unique twist on its promotion by showing followers creative crafts they could make after shopping at the store.

To further capitalize off of this, Michaels has used a tool which allows users to shop the items used in each specific picture on the company’s Instagram. By simply clicking a link in the Michaels bio and then choosing a specific image, customers are led directly to the products they need to replicate the crafts that have caught their eye. Michaels has made it easy for its consumers to shop its products, therefore increasing its chances of making a sale.

Both Michaels and the creators who use this hashtag are reaching wider audiences on social platforms because of it. By giving users an opportunity to be featured, the brand is building deeper relationships with its fans and showing its appreciation for what they contribute to the store. It is a strong social media strategy that will definitely have me coming back to Michaels’ pages to look at the newest showcased creations.

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Janie Waddell

Janie Waddell is a senior Marketing major at the University of Georgia. Born and raised in Georgia, Waddell is also a country artist/songwriter, skilled baker, and dessert fanatic.

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